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Through these lenses

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One early, early December morning, my mind was forced to be somewhere it loathed. My heart however, took it upon itself to dash through the highways of peace, swerving against all cautionary signs. It’s speed was outrageous. Knowing how necessary it was for my mind to be in this detestable place…it still went ahead and took that leap. My heart, it followed reluctantly. Knowledge was it’s only pilot, so for it to follow a hunch or something composed of non-reason was unimaginable.

And then, there it was.

Mind, out of breath from the exhilarating rush, looked toward Heart impatiently. Heart was more than excited to show Mind what he’d found, but knew it would be a lot for Mind to take in. There before the both of them stood the land of the big picture. It was noticeably large, of course, but Mind still couldn’t wrap himself around it. He tried, again and again, only to find himself defeated with exhaustion and with discouragement looming over his head. Heart kept on insisting understanding, while Mind struggled with each weighty object in sight.

And then, there it was.

A Voice quite powerful struck Mind by surprise. The land set still and all attention immediately focused intently on Voice. Voice spoke three words that Mind will never forget. “Through my eyes…” Immediately, Heart leapt with certainty in the truth he’d already known, while Mind placed his gaze toward the once common sight, not able to see each individual object that towered over him before. Abiding in the Voice proved to shrink those dark objects that once gripped his lenses so tight. Mind, He now sees. He sees the Reason. The joy that brings is unsizable, but Heart tries to hold as much of it as he can, like the good friend he is.

I begin a new journey soon, that Mind just reminded me, started a few months ahead of schedule. I’m thankful for the big picture, but even more grateful for the Voice that reminds me to see it, prompted solely for the Reason. Through his eyes, things aren’t impossible. Through his eyes, hurts and pains seem purposed. Through his eyes, beauty is derived from the horrid.

I desperately want THESE eyes always. May I always look through these lenses.

And then, there it was.

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December 30, 2007 at 11:15 am

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