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Poetic pictures!

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Off to the local market we went; with a wonderful friend was my time spent.
She is my teacher, of letters and sounds; i really do like it, but have a hard time with nouns.


She showed me the lake, the pride of the town;
then onto the road that we traveled down.


I met a few young lads, while eating some grub;


then strolled down to the market, which is quite the hub-bub. market-day.jpg

She walked through the rows and chose what she’d eat;


Veggies, beans and peppers, she likes them all, but the latter always shows me defeat.

beans.jpg peppers.jpg

The market was great, but was only one day!
Another I spent climbing hills all the way!


What an adventure that “walk” turned into!
It made me think of quite a few of you!

And last but not least, a day in my classroom.
It doubles as my quarters; you’re now looking into my living room!

These are a few of my students, all smiles around.
Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to show the adventures we’ve found!


Thanks for the visit and please come again.
That word rhymes with nothing, so that is the end!

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January 24, 2008 at 11:27 am

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LAX rhymes with flax.

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I’m here!!!! Yay! I actually wrote the following post on 1-8-08 8:43 p.m. (TX) 6:43 p.m.(CA) More will come later!

I woke up this morning not feeling myself. I was literally floating through the air, doing the things that needed to be done, and then watching things all fall into place like I’ve imagined they would for months. I heard the familiar beep at 7:00 a.m., letting me know that one hour was morphing into another. Coinciding with the beep, my heart instantly realized how the end of one season was hastily pushing me to a new one, just as the second hand pushed time into an entire new identity. Oh how I crave for this 7:00 hour to be one never forgotten. I desire deeply for the Clock Master himself to make this hour exceptionally weighty, making it’s mark on the rest of all other hours in a day. A time that will stand out among all others in my view, stand strong amidst difficulty and stand indefinitely for what it was created to stand for.

On my first plane ride, I was reading a letter from a close friend. My heart was deeply encouraged and became increasingly thankful for this friend. It tends to do that with her. One thing she said has stuck out tremendously today, affecting each thought that’s passed by my mental eyes. She reminded me to let my mind, which is so accustomed to racing with stress and responsibility, to genuinely rest and set itself on the Calmer of the seas. Somehow this AWAKENED me! These past few months have been a whirlwind of commitments for me, all beneficial in some way, but taking an extreme toll on my soul simultaneously. In retrospect, I wouldn’t exchange it for anything. The contrast of the past six months with the upcoming half dozen makes this adventure all the more appealing. Yes, this “adventure” I speak of is a commitment in itself, but somehow my eyes only see the opportunity of beautiful change for His namesake, and a chance to encounter Him in a people that don’t realize His power yet. I. can’t. wait. ☺

Don’t pass up the chance to see how He always uses our depravity to show His glory. He uses that in all of our hearts. That is THE story of our safety from the depths. Let Him open our eyes to see like He does.

Remind me, again, to see THROUGH YOUR EYES Father.

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January 12, 2008 at 9:25 am

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Sailing for Enrichment

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Journals are my sailing ships. Large and full of potential, able to handle any measly piece of cargo I throw aboard. Of course, journals represent to me a correspondence with Authenticity, so it would be safe to say that being aboard the SS Authenticia is my very, VERY favorite location. Recently, I boarded an old ship, who’d spent but few short months in the harbor. I eyed the barnacles that were beginning to appear and silently congratulated the ol’ warrior on the age she was showing, proving her effects on the waterfront.

In maritime, I was reading back to the current month, minus one annual digit. The waters: somewhere near South East Asia. 🙂 I came upon an engraving on a plank that was somehow left unnoticed. The thickness of the carving could almost be smelled in the air. Only carved once, I could still sense the weight that impressed this phrase upon that wood. It read, “Enjoyment without Him is only entertainment, not enrichment.” The depth still hits me.

You could consult all the surrounding ships in the harbor, even the one on active duty, and find that these past few months have experienced many victories, as well as the occasional battle or two. Or sixty five. Regardless, the seaport ill-advisedly celebrated the battles rather than the victories, making the victories seem counterproductive. So any shot at finding true enrichment was immediately tarnished and put into the sailor’s hands, ending in mere entertainment. Had the victories been won with the Captain, enrichment would have produced a much finer outcome.

Who doesn’t deal with this concept? I think it’s very easy to let ourselves find enjoyment through entertainment and never even encounter true enrichment, much less acknowledge that we desire it innately. We were created for that & made to learn by depth. It could be read very cliche’, much like my first sight upon that plank a year ago,…or …it could be seen as the root of why we feel disconnected, not at peace or distant from our Captain.

Oh how I long to find true enrichment. I’d rather a thousand days of entertainment be wasted on a real experience full of enjoying being with the Captain, and letting him dig deep into my soul, only to make it better. He’ll layer it with enrichment, like a field that gains a new top-soil everyday.

So here’s to a season of top-soils galore. Captain, guide my sails to carve your truth alone, lead my path to one of true enjoyment…with you at the Captain’s wheel.

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January 4, 2008 at 11:58 am

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