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Sailing for Enrichment

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Journals are my sailing ships. Large and full of potential, able to handle any measly piece of cargo I throw aboard. Of course, journals represent to me a correspondence with Authenticity, so it would be safe to say that being aboard the SS Authenticia is my very, VERY favorite location. Recently, I boarded an old ship, who’d spent but few short months in the harbor. I eyed the barnacles that were beginning to appear and silently congratulated the ol’ warrior on the age she was showing, proving her effects on the waterfront.

In maritime, I was reading back to the current month, minus one annual digit. The waters: somewhere near South East Asia. 🙂 I came upon an engraving on a plank that was somehow left unnoticed. The thickness of the carving could almost be smelled in the air. Only carved once, I could still sense the weight that impressed this phrase upon that wood. It read, “Enjoyment without Him is only entertainment, not enrichment.” The depth still hits me.

You could consult all the surrounding ships in the harbor, even the one on active duty, and find that these past few months have experienced many victories, as well as the occasional battle or two. Or sixty five. Regardless, the seaport ill-advisedly celebrated the battles rather than the victories, making the victories seem counterproductive. So any shot at finding true enrichment was immediately tarnished and put into the sailor’s hands, ending in mere entertainment. Had the victories been won with the Captain, enrichment would have produced a much finer outcome.

Who doesn’t deal with this concept? I think it’s very easy to let ourselves find enjoyment through entertainment and never even encounter true enrichment, much less acknowledge that we desire it innately. We were created for that & made to learn by depth. It could be read very cliche’, much like my first sight upon that plank a year ago,…or …it could be seen as the root of why we feel disconnected, not at peace or distant from our Captain.

Oh how I long to find true enrichment. I’d rather a thousand days of entertainment be wasted on a real experience full of enjoying being with the Captain, and letting him dig deep into my soul, only to make it better. He’ll layer it with enrichment, like a field that gains a new top-soil everyday.

So here’s to a season of top-soils galore. Captain, guide my sails to carve your truth alone, lead my path to one of true enjoyment…with you at the Captain’s wheel.


Written by throughtheselenses

January 4, 2008 at 11:58 am

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  1. HELL-O! oh my gosh.. oh my goodness… jessica,.. i LOVE this! you really, truly, honestly, BET MY LIFE on it, have NOTHING to be ashamed of in this blog. it is BEAUTIFUL and DEEP and stinkin’ WELL WRITTEN! it’s so deep i am going to have to go back through and re-read them again and again in order to make sure i’ve juiced these delicious morsels for everything they’re worth. they’re worth so much i’m not sure i’ll be able to do that. PLEASE never believe you don’t know how to write. that’s PILCHARD! i look forward to MANY more marvelous morsels. you have nothing to fear.


    January 5, 2008 at 10:12 pm

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