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A real weekend…and Harry.

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I dread the idea of this becoming a place of simply documenting the tiny little things that I do each day. So, I creatively resolve to tell you an exhilarating and spectacularly non-boring story of the adventures that I’ve encountered lately! Ha. You too, can play along with me in this game of seeing it that way.

My schedule for this past weekend was changed semi-last minute (as many things are here, I’m learning…and welcoming…slowly). Instead of having a deaf camp/training thing, I got to rest. YES…I did just say that. An entire weekend devoted to being characteristically like a weekend! I speak truth to you…it DOES exist.
I let my alarm clock take a nap as I slept in and then spent some of my afternoon up on a mountain listening, reading and just sitting for the sake of it! It was grand…and Father was so kind to meet me there.


This was my spot..I almost wrote my name in the dirt to symbolize my love for it!


And this is what I saw from said spot. Now I call them “hills,” fully knowing that this raised-in-flatter-than-pancakes-West-Texas mind of mine definitely calls them mountains. I have to be on the careful side, ya know…in case Appalachian Annie comes and tells me what a real “mountain” is.


After that exhilarating time on the….mountain, I went to eat dinner with my old friend S. I met her last year and have been SO looking forward to our reunion. We’re just about the same age and she’s a really kind, unique and FUN gal. She’s even my friend. 🙂 I’ve welcomed text messaging back into my life because of S! That says tons people, tons. S does not know Who my heart knows, but she’s heard time and time again. I want her to know. Can you imagine if your first and only friend of another country didn’t know? Please try, and then ask Father to stir her heart.


Now these are my new friends and they know! Boy, do they know!!! The three on the right (namely #1, #2, & #3 since I obviously can’t show you sign names on here) are deaf and I met them one night at their shoe-shining stand in town. Thanks to cell phones and S’s character translating, we were able to learn some of their land’s signs and communicate with them! If my heart had never beat before, it surely would have started from the excitement of this night! We were invited to their house and then to #1 and #2’s wedding in a few days!
We’re told we can anything in America. Because of their conditions, they are told they can NOTHING here. I want to ask Father if they can be m-workers. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I know they can…but they don’t agree…YET! Maybe we can all ask for them to know this, just like we’re asking for S to know. Oh, and we can also ask for S to be stirred in the midst of her helping with character translation. She’s the middle man for the Truth and she doesn’t even know what she’s saying.


Obvious change of topic now.
This is Harry and I wanted to invite you to his funeral in my bathroom, but figured that the plane tickets over would exponentially be more than the price of his tissuefied coffin…so I settled on a picture. Don’t be fooled grieving friends, this does not represent my living conditions here. I am beyond blessed.

In other news…


I’ve addicted another youth to the wit that is The Office, and my friends in Dallas would be pleased to know that you can get ALL 3 seasons for less than $10. Um…yes, it’s probably illegal (can I say that publicly?), and I did partake in this awesome deal. I’ve not decided if I’m taking orders yet. I don’t think I’d have room.


This is at the local university in town (S’s Alma Mater).
For those collegiate friends of mine: Do we see a growing trend, even in Asia?
What element would you add to complete the picture?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my Reading Class. I Love them already.
Hope, Manon, Katibeth, Henna and Spencer. We read books. We color. We count things. Sometimes we even get to make paper airplanes and have airplane flying contests. Don’t tell them that though…that’s on Thursday’s lesson plan!

And since Spencer resembled a melancholy Spongebob above, here’s a more accurate depiction of him below.


And that’s that. There’s my story…exhilarating and spectacularly non-boring. 🙂

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February 25, 2008 at 9:29 pm

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The Painter

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The other day I was thinking about change. Sometimes it’s very easy to change something. Your shoes, the clock, your gas tank’s status. These things might seem effortless, but try sticking a newborn next to a gas pump and let’s see if he does anything but coo or cry. I’d probably bank on the crying with that environment around him.I’m not a painter, but I’ve wanted something painted before. If I had brought that desire to fruition, I might have contacted an “official” painter and asked them to paint whatever it was I wanted. I imagine the process would have looked something like this:

Customer walks into Painter’s studio timidly, Painter, confident of his ability, welcomes Customer.
Customer: I’d like this messed up, scratched and dirty canvas turned into something beautiful. I can imagine it and I know just what it’s supposed to look like, but I’m not a painter. It’s been sitting in my attic for a while now and I know it’s time to let it be used for how it was created to be used.

Painter: Oh yes, I know exactly what to do.

Painter then takes the canvas and begins transforming it to be the work of art it is supposed to be. He knows exactly what to do and exactly what detail to put in or take out. It takes him months, but once his final stroke is brushed, the canvas is finished. He returns it to Customer, revealing it’s completely renovated state. Customer is amazed, for it is exactly what she hoped for.I can’t imagine this change, and sometimes, can’t tell a difference from day to day. He does though. The Creator always know exactly what he is creating. I think I should trust the painter to finish the work, for He loves His work and wants it to shine and glow.

I think this is our hearts. Father reminded me the other day that I can’t see the change I want so badly for my own heart. I can’t even fathom it. I can choose to trust His ability to change me though. He’s much more trained than I.

Someone recently led me to read something written to the people of Corinth, the 2nd letter. “..and we all are being transformed into the same image, from one degree of gl*ry to another. For this comes from Father.”

Day by day, hour by hour, I’m asking him to keep brushing, keep using beautiful colors to cover the dark and dingy spots I allow to creep onto my canvas, continue to change, and never stop shaping that thing that was once left alone in the attic, into something worth hanging on the wall.


I trust the Painter, for He sees the beauty.

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February 17, 2008 at 12:17 am

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That’s hello in Thai! I’ve been here for about 2.5 weeks now and am starting to pick up more of this language than the one I’m supposed to be learning! This week, i’ve met a lot of people in my area of “work,” and have been VERY encouraged by their stories from their time here. I’ve met a few people who also work with the deaf here and am excited about the possibilities that are opening up for me to work alongside them. Lots more on that later though!

I haven’t really been taking as many pictures as I thought I would, b/c I’ve been so busy…but here are a few that I’ve caught in the past few weeks.


This was one of our first nights in Chiang Mai.



At this place, we met a man and shared with him about our best friend, the J-man. 🙂 He did not want to know him yet, but we are prinking that he will soon.


I actually saw this girl at several western food places throughout the week. I watched her for awhile and noticed a man always with her. Poor thing, she was probably made to sit there so willing Westerners would give her money.


Meet monkey island…but avoid meeting the mean monkeys!


THis was our boat man who took us to monkey island.


I saw this one day while I was riding my rented motor bike (don’t worry mom, no wrecks!) out in a national park.



I’ll be back in the other country next week and can’t wait to get back into my routine. I miss having language lessons!
I’m very, VERY excited about working with the people there and ask that you would be thinking for me as I have these chances. More importantly, please be asking father to move his h.s. in the hearts I’ll encounter. It’s only by His power that they will be moved to KNOW him!

and oh how my heart is yearning for them to!

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February 6, 2008 at 2:32 am

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