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It’s actually been a week or so since the wedding, but I wanted to let you see what went on. Because of school, we actually missed the ceremony. Bummer! The culture here celebrates late into the night fortunately, so we were able to spend a few hours with the happy couple and MANY of their deaf friends! I just about LOVED every single second of it. I wanted to take so many pictures, but I’m finding my two passions don’t really blend well. Signing while getting in there with my camera…not so easy! Thanks to Holli though, for helping me document the day.

I especially like their signs here…they are just SO vivid! Very different from American sign. I love this collage, because you can see how beautiful and expressive the deaf culture is. This collection of shots was taken within 8 or 10 minutes…and the light was turned on in the middle of it! (THANK YOU!, said the photo side of my brain!) If you’re like me in my appreciation for old sitcoms, you might also view this like The Brady Bunch logo. What else would you see with a 3×3 of pictures? Now, if you’ll look at Jan, you can see an angry deaf man, while Greg is an array of confusion, monkey faces, and excitement; Bobby just looks like he’s ‘smiling and nodding,’ and good ol Alice is finally understanding things.


Here are the lovely bride and groom, in front of our wonderful meal. I said wonderful with that phrase of, “eat whatever is placed before you,” on my tongue, if you know what I mean. Could you tell? It really wasn’t that bad, and those fried meat things on the bottom right kind of tasted like popcorn chicken. Kind of! 🙂


After our meal, and my introduction session to more of C* sign language, we headed up to the roof for more space. The deaf need to see everyone in order to have a conversation, so it makes sense! It was during this time that I found out most of my new friends know my Greatest Friend of ALL time! This might be my favorite picture ever, because it was caught when “Tommy” (guy on far left) was telling me the Good Story. Ahh, I loved this night!


Sometimes I just look around and realize what I’m sitting in…and become awed.
This evening was one of those times.


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March 6, 2008 at 9:55 pm

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