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I’m about to head out tomorrow for a weekend with a few other workers here. I’ll be learning a lot about the media end of m-work while I visit some friends that work with the deaf in a nearby city. What a perfect combo!

Can I tell you about festivals here? Okay I will. Well, there seems to be one every month…and they don’t all necessarily make sense to me. This month there were 2. The second one is still occurring in some areas and I fully experienced this festival yesterday as I was riding the bus into town. One second I was dry and the next I was wet! Po shui jie means water splashing festival. And that’s what it’s all about….splashing people all day long. There’s a connection in there with having blessings thrown on you and it’s rather sad to me that they think this way, collecting their “blessings” from a shapely pile of gold. If they only yearned to be rained down upon by His grace.

Although I only got “splashed” once (but had all my belongings prepared for the showers), a new sprinkler was brought home to celebrate the festival. Watching the kids play in it made me wish for my old swimming pool at VRJC that I grew up enamored by. I don’t even think that place is called VRJC anymore. You probably have no clue what a VRJC is.

I went to a party here once…and joyfully laughed at this collection I found:

Remember paper mache? Oh boy…I love kindergarten for the things like this!

I’m reading a fascinating book right now about blessings and curses. Father is sprouting out some new branches for my thoughts to grow on and it’s stretching me like any good branch does. I’m also realizing that sometimes He takes cuts us down to our stump to grow us back up. Oh it can hurt. But He guards it with strong metals, so that nothing can attack HIS new and strong foundation. This is my heart’s new beautiful picture, ribboned with leaves and twigs and fragranced with freshness aplenty.

Goodnight (said) Moon(ey)!


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April 25, 2008 at 1:39 am

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