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The post that didn’t have a title for 3 weeks

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Lately my life has been a bit busy. Hmm…I wonder if any generation from America will ever be able to say the opposite of that ever again. It’s like it’s faux-pas if you DON’T say that. Hmm.
I traveled to Hong Kong last week with 2 of the gals from the family I’m staying with. Let me try to explain what HK was like for me:

America(n people, tastes)
Europe(an products, people, influences)
Asia(n smells, sights, sounds, faces, languages) +
Hong Kong

I really enjoyed myself there. Aka- found some milk, cozy coffee shops, a good book store and cinnamon flavored things. 🙂 Ooooh, these comforting, home-reminding things just almost made my heart do cartwheels. Things were easy there. Convenient. “Normal,” if you will. It was easier than I assumed it would be to just pick right up and get used to everyday things being effortless.

Then…I saw the faces of the place. Their real, worn, regular ol faces. He always does that to me…shows me His people when my eyes aren’t ready (so I think). I start looking at them through my eyes and He never fails to take my chin, turn it in His direction and make the things once blurry, defined. I was riding on the subway, extremely content with my surroundings and letting these repetitive words flow through my ears (with a catchy, subway-friendly beat, of course):
Someday I’m gonna see, see the King.
Someday I’m gonna see, see the King.
Someday I’m gonna see Him.

As these lines whizzed through my mind, so did the faces of those I was whizzing underneath a mega-city with. It just burdened me and I remembered why (again) it really doesn’t matter if I get real milk, or if I can have all my convenient comforts.
They can’t sing this song with me.
They can’t hope for this like I can.
They can’t, because sometimes I just won’t give up my milk.

Milk. Are you really worth that much? Is that why I’m living? You sure do taste great, but I know something that’s Sweeter. Tastebuds, crave what’s lasting, please. And share that Sweetness.

I know a lot of you have e-mailed, called and asked about the earthquake. I did not feel anything, but was saddened to hear of the many who lost their lives that day. When I was in HK, the flags were at half-mast for the country. There was a 3-minute moment of silence a week after in most of the cities in this country. I took a picture of a newspaper, documenting those standing still for those who have passed. Please continue to lift this up. One of my team members is helping out now and has numerous opportunities to be JC’s hands and feet.

The cabs in HK were so cute!

The rain kept us inside for the first couple of days, so we found one of those comforts I mentioned earlier:

Maybe It’s European, maybe it’s Hong-Kong-ian…but, these curvy escalators were just plain nifty to me.

For some more pictures, check out my photography blog. (It’s on the links under “blogroll” on the top right hand side of the page!)

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May 27, 2008 at 12:02 am

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Sometimes my kiddos ride their bikes to my house for school in the mornings.

Have I mentioned that my house is 5 feet from theirs?

They are cute!

One day…everyone was wearing pink or red…so we pretended it was Valentine’s Day. Then yesterday, all the girls were wearing skirts, except me. They told me we all had to be the same, so I HAD to change into one. We weren’t able to convince Spencer to do the same. Poor guy.

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May 8, 2008 at 11:46 am

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Hear it is. Here it now.

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A few of you are cringing right now…and I can’s the third time straight I’ve caused this cringe in you.

Here’s a fact: My middle name should be Typo. In fact, I typed “type’ instead of typo just now…proof! (and prrof in stead of proof that time). My fingers were just not made for keys. They weren’t gifted for them, but really like their cousins, buttons.

I just sent out an update e-mail and AFTER I pressed send, I noticed I made the SAME exact typo I made in a previous update e-mail.

Hear-verb-to perceive with the ear a sound made by something or someone.
Here-adverb- in, at or to this place or position.

I do know their difference and will teach my fingers soon. We’ll be having lessons tomorrow. At least last time, I was referring to the deaf when I used hear instead of here, so maybe some thought I was being poetic or something. I wasn’t.

Let me know if your fingers need to borrow my curriculum. I also have the following in stock.
-“the” and not “teh”
-“something” and not “soemthing
-“time” and not “tiem”

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May 7, 2008 at 11:57 pm

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Menu Mayhem

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I visited a familiar restaurant in town this past weekend. I usually LOVE their food, but this time was just unique. I have NEVER, in my entire 8,000 plus days of existence had an experience quite as spicy as this one! The food was so good…but there was something mysterious hidden inside my noodles a la veggies. Seriously…my lungs were having trouble operating and I was certain my lips had already fallen off by the third bite. Eating my plate full felt like running a marathon. And I didn’t even finish it. Recovery time: 22 minutes, maybe more. IT. WAS. SO. HOT.
And yeah…I’ll probably go back.

At least their menu made me laugh:

Haven’t you always craved words for dinner? I know one girl who might ;-), but most people would prefer a good ol’ cheeseburger.

Or exquisite small article foods?

And you HAVE to take the dancing coffee of iron! …what’s in that?

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May 5, 2008 at 10:03 pm

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