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I’m sitting in a cafe in Texas today, listening to some women discuss a book a few feet from me. I had lunch with my extended family today and just a second ago a 14 year old skater boy with a bandana asked to use my phone. Welcome back to America! I arrived one week ago and things have been NON-stop for me ever since. I love that and I don’t love that.

I’m very aware that my season in Asia is complete, but a little part of me grieves that completion. On the plane ride home, I was in limbo- in between 2 places that were comfortable to me. I’ve never been comfortable in more than one place before, so being in between them both was like a game of tug-of-war for my heart. My heart seemed to rip and fray during those long hours in the sky. Really though, the 777’s direction was already set: America. It ended up tugging the hardest . At least in a physical sense it did. I’m not so certain it won out in all the other arenas. Time will tell. And while it does, Father will introduce me to a new season. I’m certain I will become acquainted with it and find growths, challenges and blessings along the way.

I loved my time away. I loved the ability I had there to not be so easily distracted by American things and the freedom there was to engage in a culture that was completely different from my own and uniquely beautiful in itself. But….I’m also really loving the comforts that this place brings. A good friend of mine made a “happy list,” a couple of days ago and it really inspired me to make a similar list. So….I’ll leave you with that…and a few pictures to go with it.

My top 11 favorite things about being back in the good ol’ USA:

11. Walking out of the terminal and being greeted with some of my favorite people on earth. And then feeling my legs shake uncontrollably from excitement/shock.
10. Eating at restaurants with friends, discussing the waiter’s type of car, and laughing at how weird we can be as humans.
9. Driving in my car for hours to visit really, really great friends and then having them show me their town’s pride and joy: two extra large plastic cows.
8. Being pushed into a pool with my clothes on and then swimming with 8 other girls, also in their clothes. (aka-acting like a bunch of junior high girls and loving it!)
7. Seeing my family and loving the normalcy they carry along with them. And…marveling at how my 7 year old niece can grow 2 inches in 5 months.
6. Seeing kids in stores and staring at them because they’re cute, and them not staring back because I’m a white girl, but because they’re just kids who still stare.
5. Finding healing in things once broken and frayed.
4. That kind of laughter that comes and makes some people roll on the floor and others bend over, breathless.
3. Deep and wonderfully rich conversations with friends about what Father is doing in our hearts and in his world.
2. Looking at those friends while they’re talking and remembering why I love them so much.
1. Singing with a room full of people who are singing for that same wonderful reason and not being fearful of who might be listening, but knowing full well Who is listening.


My niece Jenna, loving the chocolate fountain my friend Leeann brought out one night!

My friends are just so wonderful. A few of them made this sign to greet me at the airport. FYI: Jerthcur= Jessica. For about a year and a half now, a few of us have had this “language” we speak in…it’s really an accent and it’s just really wacky. You either love it or hate it. I happen to love it.

Some of my favorite friends, hanging out my first day back!

This super fast internet motivates me to write more…so we’ll see about that.

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