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when we all bought bookshelves

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After being home a lot this summer, I decided I needed to re-organize every single thing I owned. My room at home, my things in that room at home, my memories, my sock drawer, etc. I’m sure the inspiration to do so was brought on by living so simply for the few months that I did. I was so grateful for my motivation, because now I don’t have as much junk as before, nor as many socks.

After getting through a huge portion of it one night, I decided I really needed a bookshelf. Books were swimming around me as if the beige carpet beneath them was their home. I tell you, it is no longer librarial. I went out and purchased a bookshelf. Everything found it’s place inside those stacked rectangular boxes over the next few days and I became quite pleased with the lack of seaweed grabbing at my feet every time I crossed my room.

A few days later, I went and purchased the same exact bookshelf for my parents to use in their office. Actually, I bought two. After feeling mighty capable of setting up three bookshelves in one week, a close friend of mine told me she was also about to purchase a bookshelf. Then another day came when a second friend told me of all the books she had and how she really desired a bookshelf.

Bookshelf, bookshelf, bookshelf.

I’m old enough to have bookshelves. I’ve lived long enough to read a few of the contents I’ve got stacked back to back all over them. My eyes have finished looking at certain word patterns and sentences and are opening themselves to newer ones. This means a lot, but basically, it just means things are changing.

And all I’m really thinking right now is that just a couple of years ago, I hadn’t read all those books, or seen all those sentences. Today, I have. And today, all my friends are getting bookshelves.

Bookshelves lead to life, I guess. They lead to life, marriage and babies inside tummies. They end up leading you to your own home, where your college roommates don’t live anymore. Proof: One of my old roommates is got married last year and is having a baby soon. I’m pretty sure she has a few bookshelves.

I like bookshelves. I like watching them being built too.

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September 7, 2008 at 6:58 am

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