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Ages, it’s been….(so it seems) since I’ve come here to type out what’s on my heart. When I have publicly written out the adventures of my life, it’s been here.

A lot has happened since Chaos:
-I student taught. Did you just hear all the kindergartners ask me to tie their shoes, repeat myself and cry because their toy broke? No? I did. Glad that’s over…snotty noses, cute kids, teacher politics and all.
-I graduated! Whoop! And I got to watch my mom graduate the next day too!
-I backpacked across Europe with my two best friends. Blissful and classic…loved every minute of it. I’m very aware this makes me typical…as they say here.
-I moved back in with my parents, reluctantly because independence sounded sweet, but excitedly, because my savings account could actually grow now.
-I put a dot com after my name and learned that I really love building a business and taking photos all the time. I also learned that in comparison of the two, it’s a whole lot less about taking the photos and a whole heck of a lot more about knowing good business.
-The Lord began opening my eyes to the depth of His Word and gave me a craving for understanding what I believe about Him. Only He could do that…because theology had just been straight up intimidating until this past year.
-I learned what my name meant and that empowered me to be who He created me to be…in everything.
-I traveled to Haiti since their recent experience with an Earthquake and saw that only the Lord can re-establish a nation. I can help, but in the end…He does it all.
-And most recently…I lost my father. It’s only been 8 days since my dad went to be with our Heavenly Father and it feels like so much longer. There’s a million emotions that have run through my head and heart, and then there’s the numb feeling that makes everything seem like a dream. I’ve found Hope in the Lord alone, but I’ve also been amazed and blessed by those around me that love me. They are truly showing me what the body of Christ looks like. I know this reality will take a while to fully set in, but I’m strengthened by the fact that He is in this moment, the next one, and the next to the next one. He is here for us, and we are on this earth for Him.

While I’ve been dealing with what this all means for me now, I’ve also been preparing to head back over to Asia. For the last few months, I’ve been planning a 3 week trip with a small team to minister to people who have been affected by another Earthquake, to disciple new teenage girl believers and to bless families in small villages with family photos (something they’ve likely never had before.) After the news of my dad passing, I considered canceling my trip, but after thinking about the orphans who lost a parent (or two) in the earthquake, the new believers who will one day deal with death, and those who don’t have a single photo of their parents…I decided I must go. In the scope of things, I’m just one person, helping in teeny-tiny ways, but I feel I need to be obedient to Him who has called me to go there. This is a land my heart loves, a people my heart loves and I’ll have Him with me…whom my heart loves.

I’m still raising support for this trip too. I was actually in the process of writing a note to my friends/family to tell them of this the day my dad died, but since just hasn’t been my main priority.  Now, honestly, you could read this and think it’s pretty shady of me to mention these two things at the same time, much less in the same post in a recently resurrected blog. But that’s not my heart. Not at all. I hadn’t told many of my friends even that I’d be returning to Asia this summer because I had a couple of other international trips planned, and this was the last. I know most of you reading this are friends and would have wanted to know anyway. Most of you have huge hearts for missions, huge hearts for Asians and just plain love to support what the Lord is doing around the world. So that’s why I’m writing. If you want to be a part of this, want to pray for this or want to give financially to this…let me know. I would love to keep you updated as we trek through the crumbled mountains and eat more than our fair share of rice. 🙂 Contact me through a comment here or through facebook and I can let you know how that can happen. I have about $1,000 left to raise by this coming Wednesday and am confident He will provide…even if it’s through my own checkbook somehow.

Thanks for being the Body, friends. Thanks for loving me in this bizarre time and thanks for coming back to this ol blog.

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July 2, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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  1. We are here for you, Jessica. We want be a partof this… Let us know how we can give, and please keep us updated.

    The Wards

    July 2, 2010 at 11:48 pm

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